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Footballer Brett Favre and cricketer Brett Lee have kept muscle in this moniker all these years. A name that isn’t really sexy, but is borne by a lot of sexy guys – Brian means ‘noble’.

Josh is a cool name, which makes it even more perfect. Joshua is a good guy name, which makes it highly attractive. Justin, meaning ‘just’, is a sexy name with plenty of charm.

Carter, meaning ‘transporter of goods by cart’, is of the sexiest occupational names in our opinion. Cedric is supposed to be one of the variants of Saxon name Cerdic. Chaz is an attractive and easy-going name, meaning ‘a man’. Cole, meaning ‘dark as charcoal’, is a smoking hot guy name for your son. Dante, the Latin diminutive of Durant, would make a striking name for your little one. Dashiell, the Anglicization of French surname de Chiel, is one of the hottest rising names. A major share of its popularity goes to David Beckham, the ultimate footballer. A different and sexier version of David, Davien means ‘beloved’. Evan is a solid and sexy boy name, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. This name sounds like the handsome, steamy, good-looking novel character Fabio. This Irish name, meaning ‘superiority; descended from a ruler’ has soft sexy touch to it. Fernando is a bold and adventurous name, ideal for a man endowed with good looks. A sleek name for a handsome boy, Finn means ‘fair’. This casual and flippant diminutive of Frederick means ‘peaceful ruler’. This name is as sexy as the world-renowned motorcycle. Harry is a sexy and sweet name, meaning ‘army ruler’. Probably, the sexiest way to spell Henry, Henri means ‘rules his household’. A hidden gem that will sound incredibly sexy on a preppy boy. A steamy Roman clan name, Horatio means ‘timekeeper’.

A hot moniker, which brings to mind to the villain from “The Dark Knight”, Bain means ‘white or fair’. The ‘o’ in this name makes it sound ten times cooler than the original name Brian. A Nordic name for a strong, intelligent, and sexy man, Broderick stands for ‘brother’. Callan is a strong and mighty name, translating to ‘battle or rock’.The study was replicated by Manchester Metropolitan University, and the result was almost the same. Ambrose is a seductive, old timey name, meaning ‘immortal’. Yes, we know that Anthony is a classic, but it can be broken into hot nicknames such as Tony. Who can forget the oomph and panache of Declan from “Degrassi”? Once over popular, Elvis has gone enough out of favor to sound unique today. You can feel the sexiness of this name when you call it out loud. This German name, meaning ‘brave’, is simply perfect for a strong and sexy man. If you’re looking for an alluring name that isn’t overused, go with Gideon, which means ‘destroyer’. Jasons is a tough name with soft feels, perfect guys to crush on. This name, appearing in the works of James Fenimore Cooper and Sir Walter Scott, has some groovy vibes to it. Javier is a sexier alternative to the common name, Xavier. A sexier spelling version of Jackson, Jaxon means ‘God has been gracious’.Anders is a smooth sounding and sensuous name, meaning ‘strong and manly’. If classic is what you want, then go with Jeffrey, a variant of Geoffrey, meaning ‘pledge of peace’.Marcelo has its namesake in Marcello Mastroianni, the hot Italian film actor who was a notorious heartbreaker in his days. Reed, meaning ‘red haired’, is a hot, yet distinctive name.

Most of you would be acquainted with this sexy name via the lovable character from “Ratatouille”. Reuben, meaning ‘behold, a son’, is an underused and classy name.

But sometimes, it’s not about the meaning, but the impression it creates on the listeners. A moniker for guys who can go to any lengths to achieve what they want – Archer means ‘bowman’. This Scottish name, related to River Clyde, is a perfect combination of hot and cool. A fierce, but sensuous name, Conan means ‘little wolf’. This sexy French place name keeps popping now and then in the US. A name that conjures hot vampires in mind as it is associated with characters in both “Twilight” and “Vampire Academy” series. A cool Greek name that is highly popular with American parents, Dion means ‘child of heaven and earth’. Drake means ‘dragon’ and there’s nothing sexier than dragons in this “Game of Thrones” era. Ellis, meaning ‘benevolent’, is both simple and strong at the same time. A name with several pop culture references, Fritz means ‘peaceful ruler’. So how about going for Galan, which means ‘tranquil’. Parents who are into mythology would love this name. This name is as magnificent as the bird it is derived from. It’s the name of Zeus’ son, a warrior among both humans and Gods. Hugo sounds cute on a little boy and steamy on an adult. This name sounds so macho that we couldn’t help including it in our list. Jace is the smart diminutive of Jason and means ‘the Lord is salvation’.

(v) Purchasing sex with a minor if the court designates the offense as a sex crime pursuant to ORS 163.413 (3)(d), or the offense is the defendant’s second or subsequent conviction under ORS 163.413 (3)(b)(B); (B) For which the person would have to register as a sex offender in that court’s jurisdiction, or as required under federal law, regardless of whether the crime would constitute a sex crime in this state; or (a) Who has been found to be within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court under ORS 419C.005, or found by the juvenile court to be responsible except for insanity under ORS 419C.411, for having committed an act that if committed by an adult would constitute a felony sex crime; or (b) Who has been found in a juvenile adjudication in another United States court to have committed an act while the person was under 18 years of age that would constitute a felony sex crime if committed in this state by an adult.… continue reading »

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