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From him, the young Jerome learned Latin and Greek.

Little else is known of his childhood other than his parents were probably well-to-do and Christian.

Following the council, Pope Damsus kept Jerome in Rome and made him his secretary.

While serving as secretary to the pope, Jerome also promoted the ideal of aestheticism to everyone around him.

His influence is part of what persuaded Jerome to become a Christian and change his ways for the better.

In or around the year 366, Jerome decided to become a Christian and was baptized by Pope Liberius.

It is likely that due to his training in rhetoric, he may have considered a career in law.

By his own admission, he quickly forgot his morals.

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Around the age of 12 or so, Jerome traveled to Rome to study grammar, philosophy and rhetoric.

Jerome relented on the condition he would not be expected to serve in any ministry and would still be allowed to pursue his monastic life. Making the most of his freedom as a priest, Jerome traveled to Constantinople where he studied under St.