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15-Jul-2019 10:50

Therefore, in Northern latitudes (where the length of the day varies significantly with the seasons), the timing of prayers varies throughout the year: a schedule complicated by Daylight Saving Time.

Celestica improvised a new work schedule that it hoped would protect its productivity while providing time for Muslim prayer.

Rather, it was that the plaintiffs failed to satisfy the class action requirement of a "commonality of claims." In fact, each plaintiff presented a unique combination of factors bearing on the issue of reasonable accommodation and undue hardship to the employer.

For example, there were differences among the employees regarding their job titles, shifts, and when they felt they were required to say prayers.

As the duty was generally summarized by the court, Muslims must pray five times daily, with each prayer typically taking five to ten minutes.

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As calculated by the plaintiff, the amount of paid break time for Muslim employees on a yearly basis amounted to five weeks of extra pay.

Together, the prayer and sermon might take 30 minutes.

The times at which prayers are held during the day is based on the position of the sun.

Specifically, employers are prohibited from discriminating against potential or current employees on certain grounds, including race, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, and disability.

Implied in the prohibition against discrimination is a positive duty on the part of the employer to accommodate their employees' needs for reasons associated with recognized discriminatory grounds, which is known more simply as the duty to accommodate.Following the implementation of this new schedule, several Muslim employees were disciplined or terminated for taking unauthorized breaks.

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