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23-Jul-2019 17:33

We’ve also included the traits of less successful profile pictures so you can avoid making the same mistakes.There are also some tips for choosing the best profile picture so that you too can attract the attention of all those fabulous men and women who are just waiting to meet someone like you.While it’s true that you can’t determine all of those qualities from looking at someone’s photo, you’ll definitely able to discern pretty quickly whether someone is truly engaged, present and interested in attracting others.What makes for a bad online dating profile picture?Whether it’s because the picture is out of focus, the resolution is too low, or your eyes appear to have been possessed by the devil (good ole indoor flash will do that to you), it won’t make a suitable profile picture.Selfies A selfie – a picture very obviously taken by the person in the photograph – may be right for your Facebook wall or the My Space page you had in uni, but it’s best to cover your online dating profile with them.This time I tested out 11 different types of profile pictures to understand which profile pictures are the most successful for men to use on their online dating profiles.I based the success of each type of profile picture by how many responses each one received when I would message women. Selfie One of the number one complaints people have about online dating profiles has something to do with people posting selfies. Then make sure to check out 5 Ways I Changed the Way I Message Women (and scored multiple dates!

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Think about the kind of person you’re trying to attract: someone warm, open, honest, genuine, and thoughtful.

Before we get to the part where we tell you about the qualities of a good profile picture, let’s first review some of the things we know DON’T work when choosing a photo.