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Spencer and Heidi haven't gotten any kind of lucrative photo deal, and Spencer blames Lauren Conrad."Well Lauren Conrad just blew it for us, having the worst selling magazine cover in the history of the publication. She's supposed to be the queen of Spencer's explanation for why Lauren Conrad won't do a reunion with them is, in light of his bitterness, pretty interesting.Though Kylie and Travis have yet to actually confirm the news of their expected daughter, it's the worst kept secret in Hollywood.Maybe in the is the very last time back in March of 2017.She doesn't need to do a reunion special if she doesn't want to. (To be clear, we don't think that Spencer and Heidi are actually planning to raise their kid to be a gold-digger) Spencer Pratt says that he and Ryan Gosling used to be neighbors who hung out, and that Ryan Gosling told him some chilling tales about Scientology. He wouldn't even call Brody on his birthday and he was in the valley. He was always bad as a human from what I saw as Brody's best friend.Spencer says that he'd be okay if his unborn child grows up and wants to date Lauren's son, Liam. I personally will be targeting Kristin Cavallari's 0 million daughter for my son. "He told me a story about Scientology that has stuck with me for years. I had heard he had gotten hormone injections and all that but to me I was like, whatever, maybe that's Tuesday." It's incredibly rude to misgender someone or use their deadname, even if you're talking about why they suck.In case anyone needs a reminder, podcasts are totally public.If you're a celebrity and you go on a podcast and make a total ass of yourself, people are going to find out.

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Kylie is one of those loves-with-her-whole-heart-crazy-in-love girls and, while we don't really understand her, we don't have an easy time picturing her cheating, even with her ex. We're also sure that Tyga misses having an intensely wealthy girlfriend who was a boost to his miserable brand and who obsessed over him during their too-long relaitonship.

Despite dubious theories that Tyga is Kylie Jenner's baby daddy, the world knows that Kylie is pregnant with Travis Scott's baby.