C regex for validating url

10-May-2019 12:41

In the list of URLs failing validation that you sent above only the first one is a valid URL (" all the others are not validating against the regex. I am most likely inclined to also remove IPV4 validation from the base regex, nobody remember these numbers and they will most likely change in time.

reti) else if (reti == REG_NOMATCH) else /* Free compiled regular expression if you want to use the regex_t again */ regfree(®ex); The problem I am encountering is that the else if on line 24 executes no matter what; even if a valid URL is input like anyone see if there is a problem as to why that piece of code is always executing?

He also sliced up the Unicode ranges :=), that's the reason his one is so long :) = are excluded by the second validation block.