Carbon dating and dna testing

18-Mar-2019 17:41

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If we take this 223.2 trillion feet of DNA and divide by 5280 (feet in a mile) and take that and divide by the distance to the sun (93 million miles), we get 459.07. This means that if you stretch out your DNA, it is long enough to make approximately 230 round trips to the sun. Each of these 6-foot strands must do its part in the orchestration with all the other 37.2 trillion strands to produce you at any point in your life.

Only divine intellect and ingenuity can explain complexity of this proportion.

They all grow at the same rate and fledge at the same time.

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We humans have just over 20,000 genes in our body and each of these genes can be expressed or not depending on how tightly it is wound and with which chemicals it is packed.The DNA is fixed from egg till death, but the expression of the robin’s DNA is changed drastically from one stage to another.