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The style spread beyond Europe, for example Barbados is well known for Dutch gables on its historic buildings.Dutch settlers in South Africa brought with them building styles from the Netherlands: Dutch gables, then adjusted to the Western Cape region where the style became known as Cape Dutch architecture.Later Dutch gables with flowing curves became absorbed into Baroque architecture.Examples of Dutch-gabled buildings can be found in historic cities across Europe such as Potsdam (Dutch Quarter), Friedrichstadt, Gdańsk and Gothenburg.The style bore no direct relation to Renaissance or Italian Mannerism, but the name suggests a peculiarity that was a reaction to the classic style of the early Netherlandish painting.

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The Rietveld Schröder House constitutes both inside and outside a radical break with tradition, offering little distinction between interior and exterior space.

The Amsterdam School (Dutch: Amsterdamse School) flourished from 1910 through about 1930 in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam School movement is part of international Expressionist architecture, sometimes linked to German Brick Expressionism. The Rietveld Schröder House (Rietveld Schröderhuis) is considered one of the icons of the Modern architecture.

The style has roots in medieval Netherlands, Germany, France and Indonesia.

Houses in this style have a distinctive and recognisable design, with a prominent feature being the grand, ornately rounded gables, reminiscent of features in townhouses of Amsterdam built in the Dutch style.

The rectilinear lines and planes flow from outside to inside, with the same colour palette and surfaces.