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Charles Brooks, Jr., convicted of murdering an auto mechanic, received an intravenous injection of sodium pentathol, the barbiturate that is known as a “truth serum” when administered in lesser doses. In the Soviet Union, an earthquake of a 6.9 magnitude on the Richter scale hits northwestern Armenia, affecting an area 50 miles in diameter.

The initial earthquake was followed four minutes later by a powerful 5.8 magnitude aftershock.

President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull knew a Japanese attack was imminent.

And for every time that you think, now you know, ‘now he’s good,’ you’re going to go, ‘wow or is he really bad?Cather was the first of seven children born to an old Virginia family dating back to colonial times.Her maternal grandfather served several terms in the Virginia House of Delegates. From the perspective of the American pop charts, December 1963 was, as the Four Seasons would later sing, a very special time indeed. On this day in 1941, at around p.m., President Franklin Roosevelt is conferring with advisor Harry Hopkins in his study when Navy Secretary Frank Knox bursts in and announces that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor.Why I like that so much was that as an actor it gives you so much to play.

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You know, in any given scene, you know, being able to, you know, go right or left or good or bad with a line or a look, is it going to be endearing or are you going to think he’s up to something, it gives you so much latitude and it’s such a gift to be able to play over the course of the season, so I knew it was going to be fun and that was probably what attracted me first and was my first impression.” “…I’ve seen every season they’ve done, I think it’s the best one.

is drawing to a close on Showcase, but there’s still time to catch up with the show’s newest co-star, Colin Ferguson, to chat about his character, joining the cast, and the contingent of Canadian actors on the series.