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Based on years of research and a previous 2016 report, the investigation shines light on the hidden data flows between companies.It maps the structure and scope of today’s digital tracking and profiling ecosystems and explores relevant technologies, platforms and devices, as well as key recent developments. » Full Report as PDF Cracked Labs is an independent research institute and creative laboratory based in Vienna, Austria.We're currently experiencing difficulties with our online help desk.We apologize for the inconvenience and expect to have the issue fixed shortly.Ten years later, a vast landscape of data companies has emerged that consists not only of large players such as Facebook and Google but also of thousands of other businesses from various industries that continuously share and trade digital profiles with each other.Companies have begun combining and linking data from the web and smartphones with the customer data and offline information that they have been amassing for decades.

For example, “yahoo” to make you go directly to “ See?

Even if they didn't take action, tens of millions of users saw the messages plastered across the web.

Big sites and services like Reddit, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb and Amazon all either urged advocacy or pointed users to sites like Battle For The, which supplied premade form letters to fire off to the FCC and routed users to their Congressional representative's phone number.

There are many more alternatives, including software alternatives.

The purpose of this is to help liberate users so they can make educated choices as to their online experience.

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