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24-Apr-2019 19:31

About halfway through a boat tour of Penn’s Cave, a natural cavern in central Pennsylvania, guide James Madonna turned off the spotlight he’d been using to illuminate our space.

James expert­­­ly navigated the cavern’s many turns, perfectly positioning himself to lean over and flip switches to illuminate its several rooms, including one lit in a series of changing colors.

Oh yes – we’ve heard quite a bit about “heaven.” But Jesus is clearly not talking about heaven—he’s talking about the recreation of the earth we love.

We have been looking for the Renewal all our lives.

So much of the disheartening and devastation that the soul endures comes from misplaced hopes.

Hope is one of your heart’s greatest treasures; it is a dangerous thing to let your hope go wandering.

“We understand that you will eventually lose everything you love; that you have already lost so much.

I sat in the inky blackness, unable to make out even the cool and clammy hand in front of my face.I’d forgotten all about the higher-than-90-degree temperatures about 75 feet above us.

Science, Philosophy and Religion, A Symposium, published by the Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion in Their Relation to the Democratic Way of Life, Inc., New York (1941); later published in Out of My Later Years (1950) Full text online A religious person is devout in the sense that he has no doubt of the significance and loftiness of those superpersonal objects and goals which neither require nor are capable of rational foundation.… continue reading »

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This site is an information site for anyone who is raising children on their own, whether through relationship breakup, illness, bereavement, work commitments or choice.… continue reading »

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I went to your speed dating night last September in Soho.… continue reading »

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