Dating a female bartender

22-Mar-2019 04:12

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I go in early so she isn't busy so we can chat it up. In my experience if a waitress or bartender is interested in you, they usually drop a hint about meeting after work or on their day off. You can also mention things going on around your town like a music festival, county fair, or even a movie and ask if she goes to those kind of things she might mention if she is involved with someone or even interested in you.

If you aren't one for subtlety forget the above and just ask her out.

Prepare to lose a good bartender though if it blows up. BUT, since you're drinking anyway have another shot of courage and ask her out.

As a bartender I will tell you if we want you asking us out we will hand you our number or make it clear we are available (normally). However it is due to me being a non drinker and I do not like meeting a future prospect under the influence. You can always say "sorry" later if she shoots you down since you have "drinking" as an ... Being a regular you might have a good rapport with her, but do you know anything about her?

” or “can you get me this or that drink” or “hi how are you”..

That doesn’t mean the regular drunk (unless you’re DYING to be admitted tot the Alcoholics Anonymous association), but just a regular guest who’s seen there often.. Want more free tips about what I\'ve talked about today?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...