Dating a man with baby mama drama Free stocking chat line

22-Jul-2019 04:24

Neither one of those fathers were actively in their kid’s lives (no child support, visits, NOTHING).

My husband only stayed with her for the child (so he says). So, after things did not work out between the two of them, they split and we eventually got back together.

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She would also makeup lies to tell the daycare which would cause them to not allow my husband to go there and see his son. I know you are probably thinking “why didn’t your Husband just get a Court Order to see his son? The only defense I have is that he is such a non-confrontational…Okay, I have nothing.

She would keep him away for weeks at a time but when she would call she’d expect him to jump. He says “we will pray about it” but I think it takes more than just prayer.

She has not been in a stable relationship (I lost count) since the two of them broke up.

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Last year she was still keeping his son away from him.Constantly moving and changing her cell phone number.