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01-Aug-2019 19:46

Data analysts have said that at least 15,000 government e-mail accounts have been identified. Please be forewarned; if you follow the links, some explicit details will be included.

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Late last week, Ashton told reporters that he had been curious about the site but did not use his work address or a government computer to visit it.

So while Dore's explanation is plausible, it probably won't make it terribly easy for the state party to raise culture-war-related issues in the near future.

That's a tough spot for a political organization that just last year called on former representative Vance Mc Allister, a Republican, to resign his seat last year after he was caught on camera kissing a married staffer.

Duggar admitted at that time to molesting several girls while himself a teenager, including four of his sisters.

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And when his name and other identifying information was found among the hacked Ashley Madison data last week, Duggar issued a series of statements admitting to deep hypocrisy.[] I was just there for the research In Louisiana, Jason Doré, executive director of that state's Republican Party, told reporters that his name and other information appeared amidst the Ashley Madison hacked data because his law firm provides opposition research.