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If they see that society does not judge them, it can affect an individual and change his/her mindset about who one is.Learn about the rich culture of the Lakota people, a Native American Tribe, through first-hand experience by living within the heart of the reservation.When students come on this trip, they will be immersed in a hands-on learning and serving experience, in a setting famous for its role in the Civil Rights Movement.Through the service, students will explore issues of racial and economic inequality on a structural and institutional level.On site, students provide necessary services and explore the culture and the history of the area.

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The FDA defines a food desert as “an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.” This service trip will focus on how living in a food desert is connected with health, poverty, and food insecurity issues.What they will bring back from this trip is knowledge of the past racial effects on certain communities and tools on ways to bridge the gap because of those issues to form a more inclusive community on campus.