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If he doesn’t respond to her in a way that makes her want to talk to him even more, he may lose her.She has made that all important first step but the shy guy isn’t as engaging as she would have hoped. She loses her sense of curiosity and interest and leaves the shy guy be. They would try to send signals his way in the hope that he gets them and makes a move.They want you to take the lead, some if not most of the time, so you need to be able to use your instincts and act when the moment is right.This is a great challenge for shy men, the green light be loud and clear but you still fail to make the move.When you have been dating for a while you will inevitably end up at a social event with her friends. I was very shy in my teens and early twenties but I learned how to overcome it.You need to be able to hold your own in this situation, as she won't want to babysit you. However I am still quiet and reserved, particularly when I meet new people.If you are a shy guy, you should look out for these signals from girls. Some of them will smile or take it away the moment the eye contact is established, only to bring it back again.

They don’t necessarily like the fact that he is shy. They wonder about what they should do to just let the shy guy know that it is alright to move in.

But the vast majority won't do so, and if you fail to make the move you will miss opportunities. Even long into a relationship, she wants to feel sexy and know that she is alluring and you will make a move to chase her.

You have to have the ability to make things happen. Women don't always want you to ask for permission and they definitely don't want to be a tour guide when things get intimate.

This helps to build your sense of self-worth so that you are no longer insecure.

The Shy Guy's Guide to Dating: The Best Places to Meet Women, the Ten Best Pickup Lines, How to Tell if She Likes You, Eleven Women to Avoid, Do's and Don'ts for the First Date, What Girls Say..What They Really Mean The authoritative guide that will take shy guys everywhere-from the first date to home plate."Hey baby, what's your sign? "These lines may work in the movies, but not in real life, and not for the millions of guys too shy to risk their dignity on such flimsy pickup lines. While some traits that shy guys have are attractive to women, others are not.