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17-Jun-2019 20:47

God rarely acts as the first cause in healing a person or through other direct interventions in the natural order.

If God is found to be the primary cause, after rigorous scientific inquiry, then a miracle is declared.

Second, the abandonment of philosophy as the joining discipline between science and theology has destroyed much of the dialogue that has taken place between these two fields over the centuries. Without this argument, science quickly devolves into materialism, and ceases to look out beyond itself.

The divorce from philosophy creates an environment where both theology and the natural sciences overstep their bounds.

That’s far more yeses than we are given from either the scientism camp or the creationism camp.

I only have the space to provide a brief overview of the Church’s view of evolution, but I will return to the philosophy problem at a later date.

This is most evidenced by the rationalist-materialist declaration that there is no God, while the biblical literalist tells us the world is only 6000 years old, even though God-given reason tells us otherwise, on both accounts.

demonstrated a position held by the Church throughout those 100 years, but one that had not been formally recognized until its promulgation.The Catholic approach is not an either/or, it is a both/and system.