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I loved to rest my head against her side and feel her voice resonating through her ribs.

It seemed to me like I was putting my ear to an instrument being played—a cello, deep and soothing." —Kathy Bates, actress starring, most recently, in the TV show American Horror Story: Hotel Change of Dress "My parents had very little money, and I didn't expect to get a new outfit for my high school graduation.

Now I'm keeping a journal for my three boys, titled ' What I Know for Sure,' so that even when I'm not with them anymore, they'll always be able to hear me." —Reader Jill Lang, Salt Lake City The Push "Some time ago I lived as a Buddhist monk in a forest monastery in Thailand, where I learned from the master Ajahn Chah, a man of great wisdom who was very demanding.

We'd walk for miles in freezing weather to collect alms for food, then sit meditating all night. But one morning at 4 o'clock, at the very coldest moment, Chah smiled, winked at me, and said, ' You can do it.' And I knew then that I could." —Jack Kornfield, cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society and author, most recently, of Meditation for Beginners Ring It, Sing It "My dad and I had a tradition of eating at Trader Vic's on my birthday.

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After he passed away, I thought, 'Oh, Dad, if I could just hear you talk to me again.' Then when my mom and I were going through his belongings, we found a tattered old book called ' Larry's Musings and Collectibles.' He'd filled it with quotes and observations he'd written down over 25 years: a description of the first time he saw the Grand Canyon, a line from the Bible: ' Your care for others is a measure of your greatness.' It was like having his voice back.She gave me a year's worth of feeling pretty and put together, and I was so moved that she understood how deeply I wanted those things, all without my ever asking." —Paula Mc Lain, author, most recently, of the novel Circling the Sun Back Spacer "I once had such an epic fight with one of my best friends that we didn't speak for years.