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15-Jul-2019 08:58

And beware, if the Saudis resist the Russian offer on Syria, Putin can always turn – and many there are in Syria who believe this – to Qatar, with which the Saudis still maintain their childish feud.

The Saudis will remember how Putin encouraged an Islamic conference in Chechnya – but sent no invitations to Saudi clerics.

And playing Bismark across the Arab world, even in Turkey and Israel.

Egypt’s field marshal/president Abdel Fattah el-Sissi took Putin to a Verdi performance in Cairo. Putin welcomes both Assad loyalists and Syrian rebels to Astana.

And of course, he won the cachet of a visit from King Salman of Saudi Arabia to the Kremlin.

Here is a man whose kingdom maintains the same purist Wahhabi faith which inspires Isis and the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

He signed preliminary agreements to buy Russia’s S-400 air defence missile systems.

Many of the officers speak fluent Arabic (and, please note, pretty good English).

Putin knows how to measure Russian power in the Middle East, happy to keep Moscow’s “flag and bases” in the region.

So much for Trump’s 0bn weapons deal with the King. If Putin might, for Washington, be Ivan the Terrible, that’s better than being Trump the Farcical for the Arabs.