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Sergius Lavra in 1337 when he constructed a wooden church in honour of the Holy Trinity.Later on he became role model for many Orthodox people and monks from all corners of Russia came to see him and join his way of life. Sergius of Radonezh has played an important role both in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church and became a reliable advisor to Russian tsars and leaders. Sergius of Radonezh was born into a family of well-off boyar family, he wasn’t a spoilt boy.

Our guides could introduce to our visitors the Great Kremlin Palace, the Historic Museum of the FSB (KGB) Border Guards, Zvezdny Gorodok (Russia's centre for the space research and cosmonaut training), Stalin's bunker and many more! Please, enjoy the unique chance to go to the Great Kremlin Palace without a long-term pre-booking! IMoscow is definitely a sight in the evening, when everything is lit up by the lights from Moskva River, the main Tverskaya avenue, as well as the city’s buildings and monuments.Sit on the bench in the yard and just look around yourself.Stop worrying about your life and minor issues, don’t talk, just sit still and enjoy the warm and solitary atmosphere of the place.It took almost 30 years to erect and decorate the Cathedral. Finally, here are some interesting and curious facts about conduct on the territory of t 1) Ladies are supposed to wear a long skirt and head scarf to demonstrate their modesty and respect to God.

The vault here contains burials of Boris Godunov and his family. The Chapel at the Well This is a baroque bell tower with a miraculous spring with cold holy water. Sergius prayed to God to have a spring on the territory of the lavra and this is how it appeared there. In summer it is possible to get some holy water in the yard in front of the Chapel as well. Sergius Lavra Monks have always cooked everything for themselves so they created their own recipes for different types of meals. 2) When you get holy water, never pour it out from the bottle.

The Cathedral of the Assumption The six-pillared Assumption Cathedral was commission by Ivan IV the Terrible in 1559 as a replica of the Cathedral of the Assumption in Moscow Kremlin.