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Any literary scholar who knows and appreciates myths can verify this. Myths are verbose; the Gospels are laconic (concise).

There are no overblown, spectacular, childishly exaggerated events. There are also telltale marks of eyewitness description, like the little detail of Jesus writing in the sand when asked whether to stone the adulteress or not (Jn 8:6). Lewis in "Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism" (in ) that I strongly refer the reader to it as the best comprehensive anti-demythologizing essay we have seen. Let us compare the Gospels with two particular mythic writings from around that time to see for ourselves the stylistic differences.

We know of other cases where myths and legends of miracles developed around a religious founder—for example, Buddha, Lao-tzu, and Muhammad.

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Here is a typical passage about healing miracles: 'A woman who had had seven miscarriages was cured through the prayers of her husband, as follows.

The two-layer cake theory has the first layer made entirely of air—and hot air at that. Augustine refutes the two-layer theory with his usual condensed power and simplicity: "The speech of one Elpidius, who had spoken and disputed face to face against the Manichees, had already begun to affect me at Carthage, when he produced arguments from Scripture which were not easy to answer.

And the answer they [the Manichees, who claimed to be the true Christians] gave seemed to me feeble—indeed they preferred not to give it in public but only among ourselves in private—the answer being that the Scriptures of the New Testament had been corrupted by some persons unknown..the Manicheans made no effort to produce uncorrupted copies." ("The Gospels are a miraculous story, and we have no other story handed down to us than that contained in the Gospels....

The letters of Barnabas and Clement refer to Jesus' miracles and resurrection. That the original story should be lost and replaced by another goes beyond any known example of corruption of even oral tradition, not to speak of the experience of written transmissions.

Polycarp mentions the resurrection of Christ, and Irenaeus relates that he had heard Polycarp tell of Jesus' miracles. Quadratus reports that persons were still living who had been healed by Jesus. These facts show that the story in the Gospels was in substance the same story that Christians had at the beginning.The Wise Man told the husband, when his wife was in labor, to bring a live rabbit under his cloak to the place where she was, walk around her and immediately release the rabbit; for she would lose her womb as well as her baby if the rabbit was not immediately driven away.' [Bk 3, sec 39] The point is that this is what you get when the imagination goes to work.