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29-Apr-2019 02:43

Prior to beginning repayment, a credit counseling agency (CCA) will negotiate with creditors to reduce interest rates and settle on manageable monthly payments.Once these are set, all payments are totaled and this amount is withdrawn from a client’s personal bank account as one single monthly payment.There’s no guarantee of approval or that if approved, the amount will be large enough to cover all outstanding balances the client possesses.If you can secure a loan, you may be looking at a high-interest rate and longer repayment term.Credit Counseling Agencies may provide the best route because they offer the most holistic approach.

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Because this type of debt consolidation requires a loan, it may only be an option for those that can qualify for borrowing.Begin making monthly payments to each including one larger payment to the highest priority account.Be sure and verify monthly remaining balances with your creditors and write in these new balances wherever you are tracking progress.In comparison, consolidating debt through a credit counseling agency’s DMP comes with far less strict qualifications.

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Anyone whose situation does not qualify them for bankruptcy alone or who can realistically afford a monthly payment can take advantage of a DMP.

This repayment method will include lowered interest rates than those a client would have on their own and all debt would be paid within a five year period.