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27-Mar-2019 05:17

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That doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but when you have over 30.000 models that is without a doubt a huge amount of cash pouring in every day.The adult chat industry is growing so rapidly that the owners and the programmers don’t know what to do.Since the 60s, it has been bringing millions of dollars every year and in the past ten or twenty years it has been bringing hundreds of millions per year.With the internet revolution and the possibility to get online from every part of the world anytime, the porn industry just kept growing and growing every year.If porn is addictive, just think of how can this type of interaction can change a person when he knows that he’s controlling the action.

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When he created the website he needed two things, performers and clients.Naturally someone figured out that they could make a lot of money by connecting certain people and giving them what they need and since porn is so lucrative and popular the next logical step was to implement that into the webcam communication. This created a big window for a lot of people to make money from.