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No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a bitch everyday. That's what she went through."Twenty years ago, Janet Jackson made her desires clear, when the theme of what she was striving for, creatively, was "a woman who finally feels good enough about her sexuality, to demand a man's respect." She told , "It's insulting to be seen as some object; he must call her by name. Eissa is adorable and Janet looked great," a source told .

It's not a brazen demand—I didn't want to be obnoxious—but I wanted to be clear. "Happy and in great shape."More recently, though she's hardly ready to begin dating again, we hear that she's open to what fate may bring on the romantic front.

Listening to my new record, people intuitively understand the change in me," she told in 1993."You see," she added, "sex isn't just fire and heat, it's natural beauty. It's letting go, giving and getting what you need."Moreover, Jackson had a very particular vision for her album's sound, the corresponding music videos and every other aspect of the The famously introverted Jackson was raised a Jehovah's Witness (she admittedly had a "sheltered background") but, like Michael, she distanced herself from the religion when she left the family fold. Intimacy."The increasingly untenable situation hit an impasse once Eissa was born and Jackson decided to move on with her life."Janet is a very shy women and hates confrontation and avoids it at all cost," our source says.

She remained intensely spiritual, however, often answering questions about relationships and having children by saying it was ultimately in God's hands. News (after the couple broke up) that when they were married Jackson did try to conform more closely to what her husband wanted in a wife, but ultimately the culture clash was insurmountable."Janet and Wissam don't see eye to eye on many things," an insider told E! "One of the many divorcing factors was their religious beliefs. "She doesn't regret" the years she spent with Al Mana, as they had "a strong love" and "made a healthy baby."That being said, the exes were in divorce court in London this summer to hash out custody issues.

They started dating a few months later, enjoying the jet-set lifestyle that naturally occurs when one of the best-selling musical artists of all time joins forces with a millionaire international businessman."I think a man's dream woman changes as he goes through different stages in his life.

I'm fortunate to be dating my dream woman now," Al Mana told in 2011.

She is in a really happy, happy place surrounded by people that love her."And that includes the thousands of fans who are already packing her concerts. 7, Jackson returned to the stage for the first time in almost 18 months, kicking off her newly christened State of the World Tour in Lafayette, La., to rave tweeted reviews from show-goers.Everything is on display for the world to see." and whose soulful, seductive music has set the tone for many a baby-making session over the years started dressing noticeably more conservatively—both on the street and in concert.

From the standpoint of anthropology and sociology, dating is linked with other institutions such as marriage and the family which have also been changing rapidly and which have been subject to many forces, including advances in technology and medicine.… continue reading »

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The retirement of Delta's 747 fleet marks the end of the jumbo's nearly five decades of service with US airlines. Although the 747 will still grace the skies above the US with foreign carriers like Lufthansa and Korean Air or with cargo carriers like UPS and Atlas, the idea that US passenger airlines will no longer operate what is arguably America's most iconic and successful airplane is sad. The reality is that the four-engined jumbo is big, expensive, and thirsty.… continue reading »

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While 8 Simple Rules was renewed for a second season and production had begun, Ritter's sudden death in September 2003 left the series in an uncertain position.… continue reading »

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He hastily pulled his beard back into place and offered an embarrassed. " Gail tried to put things in perspective as she shot a withering glare toward her snorting and giggling daughter and husband."You had a sleigh built and used a bunch of dragons to look like reindeer to pull your costumed arse around England playing Santa Claus for the British public as some juvenile holiday prank? We started in Australia and worked our way back through the time zones.… continue reading »

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Below our experts rank and review the the best free dating offers from all the top services.… continue reading »

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'There's no gender discrimination in the courts,' says Elizabeth Hicks, partner and head of family law at solicitors Irwin Mitchell.… continue reading »

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