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They found variations in specific antiviral genes that correlate with HHV-6 DNA levels in brain tissue and blood from patients with Alzheimer’s disease.Investigators at Washington University have sequenced a murine herpesvirus and determined that it is closely related to HHV-6 & 7.A group at University of Rochester demonstrated that the HHV-6A latency gene, U94, inhibits migration of cells involved in myelin repair.Inefficient myelin repair is associated with progression MS, and the ability of HHV-6A to impede this process suggests that it could be involved in the progression of MS, and raises questions about the virus’s role in other chronic demyelinating diseases.Unfortunately, they did not provide data on the difference between patients and controls in the viral load.Prevalence of HHV-6A and HHV-6B was evenly divided in HIV patients in Western Africa, with over 6.3% positive for HHV-6 A and 5.0% for HHV-6B.HHV-6A was more common among those with a low viral HIV viral load.

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HHV-6 was the most commonly reactivated virus, with 61% of patients affected patients .HHV-6B also peaked rapidly, unlike other DNA viruses that took 3-6 weeks to reach peak viral load.