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25-Jun-2019 12:51

Shaw: Because of that, I intentionally focused more on the idea of being a dad.

Being a dad to someone isn't necessarily a genetic link to someone.

I think there are much more complex stories to be told.

I definitely agree with the criticism that we maybe don't really explicitly state it as much as we should have, but I think for the story that we were trying to tell, ultimately we just wanted to normalize it and maybe kind of have it in this slightly fantastical situation where it's just not really discussed and everyone's on the same page.

In this interview, its creators talk about the tricky balance of making a comedic game while not turning homosexuality into the butt of the joke.

Nathan Grayson: Was originally conceived as a joke, or was it always going to try to walk the line between sincerity and the ages-old philosophical question of -- and I quote -- "What Is Dad?

Do you worry that you didn't get to tell their stories with quite as much depth and nuance as you would have liked?

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I don't think we were ever 100 per cent going into it, like, "Ah, it's a big joke." There are so many interesting feelings and relationship dynamics tied up in being a father and having relationships with other fathers.

It was the kind of thing that, you know, if you are familiar with binders or, you know, or if you are trans or nonbinary, you know what you're looking for.

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