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Towards the end of 1991, Dan Connolly came on the scene.

Here is Tim BL trying to describe the basics of HTML to him in October 1991:- Re: status.

In other words, they weren't actually HTML as I first thought, but Tim was in the process of converting them over: i.e. After further study of these documents and others in the same subdirectory, it became apparent that most of the early HTML tags were actually taken from the CERN SGMLGuid language, which itself was a variant of AAP (an early SGML language).

For example, and so on are all apparently taken from this language.

Re: X11 BROWSER for WWW Here is some discussion about the tags -- where it's not in Up/I have updated that document now.

Most of the tags are just style tags: this goes for the headings H1 to H6, the lists UL and OL with list elements LI, the glossary DL with elements DT and DD.

Tim Berners-Lee first started to come up with code for his WWW project in 1990.

The first mention of him working on code for processing Hyper Text can be found in the original Hyper Text.m file that Tim worked on, dated 25th September 90.

GML was the predecessor to SGML, and was developed by IBM.

If HTML had been precisely defined as having to have an SGML DTD, it may not have become as popular as fast, but it would have been a lot architecturally stronger.

The first official standard for HTML (HTML 2.0) came out in November 1995: way too late!

That's why HTML is so basic: beacuse it's actually just a derived version of Hyperlinked SGMLguid, but leaving out much of the typographic junk, to make it easier to learn and parse - I presume.

As if we need any further convincing of HTML's roots in the GMLguide language, here is an excerpt from the tags)?

In fact, although HTML has changed relatively little since those early days, the history of HTML is rather cloudy.