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Take care of Rapunzel`s injuries and start examining her. The beautiful Elsa and her sister, Anna, have left Arendelle and the two girls are college students now. She had an accident and she needs medical assistan...Elsa is a beautiful mommy to be,and today is her delivery date.Even superheroes have eye problems sometimes, but Super Barbie is lucky to have you as her personal ophthalmologist. Join the crazy Minion in the emergency room in a fun doctor game!He was up to no good and injured himself and now you must treat his wounds.Olivia has a terrible tooth ache, and needs you to help her.Make sure she's brushed her teeth and then carefully tend to her cavity by cleaning it out and applying a filling. Get ready to operate on Mini's brain and learn how to use the coolest medical tools ever!Choose her fighter chic outfit and gloves, then cure her w...Elsa's personal doctor you girls will have to run a brief medical examination to determine the cause of her stomach pain and in order to do that you? Rapunzel is a beautiful mommy to be,and today is her delivery date.

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Super Barbie is always saving the world, but now she needs your help!You will find all the tools you need, just learn how to use them and have fun...The crazy experiments in the laboratory have side effects on Mini and this is your chance to learn how to treat them!You have amazing tools you can use to get rid of the bruises and cuts. Super Sparkle is on her way to fight another crime with cute sidekick, Parker, but while they were flying our heroine crashed into a billboard. Use your tools to examine, clean, heal and make her leg l...

Rapunzel fell off Max while they were outside and now they have to reach the hospital immediately so that our princess can recover.The beautiful princess is about to have a baby girl and she needs to see if everything...