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20-Aug-2019 22:37

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This type of behavior may be especially overlooked when a woman does it, she adds."For a long time, society accepted it as funny or spunky, but we wouldn't look at it the same why if the genders were reversed."Punching a wall or throwing objects during fights should also be seen as red flags, says Quirk.To help you do just that, here are 30 signs you've entered toxic territory—and what you may be able to do about it."One of the first signs of a toxic relationship is when one partner is very controlling," says Bonior.Controlling doesn't always mean physically threatening or violent.

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"Grabbing her arm and saying ' Get back here, I'm not done talking to you,' or gripping his face and saying, ' Look at me when I talk to you,'—these behaviors don't necessarily cause physical damage, but they do represent low-level boiling-over points of conflict," says Quirk.In a 2015 University of Georgia study, married people who felt appreciated by their spouse—and were acknowledged when they did something nice—reported higher marital quality than those who didn't.

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