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02-Mar-2019 03:58

If an applicable free gift is not returned with a product return, the refund amount will be reduced to reflect the value of the free promotional gift price.

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Offers valid on regular retail price products only. Offer valid while supplies last, or the offer ends, changes or is removed, whichever comes first.Taxes and Surcharges are still applicable to the order.And if, like many anglers, you enjoy cooking your fish almost as much as you enjoyed catching it, Rapala’s kitchen knife collection has all the tools for the job.Note that I have chosen r=0.7 instead of r=1 in your example; the thickness of the two horizontal flaps is (35-31.8)/2 = 1.6 so the maximum offset radius should be 0.8 otherwise some parts of your object will vanish with the negative offset.

Try it to see.​This filleting is applied only on "convex edges" (the edges whose outer dihedral angle is greater than 180 degrees).To fillet the other edges the offset operation order should be inverted.

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