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"This used to happen with my own children, and there I was repeating the pattern, explaining to my grandkids that Giggy had to make a phone call." Cole pauses, then laughs."Evidently I'm now disappointing two generations." Some high-powered career women, though, see having grandkids as a kind of do-over, a chance to make up for the quality time they missed out on with their own kids.And for today's grandmothers, coming to terms with this new identity can be stressful, notes Donne Davis, the founder of the Ga Ga Sisterhood, a California-based network that runs support groups for grandmothers."There's a steep learning curve for them, just as there is for new mothers," says Davis.Jane Cole, 63, a busy real-estate agent from Alexandria, Va., recounts a déjà vu moment during a recent weekend with her grandchildren."I suddenly had to disappear with my laptop to take care of some business," she says."I'm reminded of the character Auntie Mame, who was perceived as weird and humorous, because what grandmother figure would do such bold things?

I'm not constantly worrying about my to-do list or how I'll pay the gas bill. For me, being a grandmother distills all the positive parts of being a mom with none of the negative." The ever-changing variables of the modern family have also reshaped the grandmother's role.But the glamorous 63-year-old wears the label proudly: She's now "Oma" to four young grandchildren — two of whom live nearby and routinely spend a day or two a week at her home."My favorite days are when they come over — there's so much I want to give them, so much to share," says Seymour, who admits to having been baffled when friends used to wax on about the joys of grandchildren.While many boomer women are still married to their first husband, given the prevalence of divorce in this generation, it's nearly as likely they are single, or remarried to men with kids of their own (turning them into step-grandparents as well).

Their kids may be single, divorced, remarried into a blended family or in a same-sex relationship — and the grandchildren can run the gamut from biological, adopted, foster, step- and surrogate — or any combination thereof.According to 2010 census data, an estimated 53 percent of grandmothers are working-age boomers.