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22-Jul-2019 00:59

Hopefully, these new end-users are using the Radio Test, as well as taking in several other factors before purchasing a yet unproven extension." "Although I still feel that is still King, overall, worldwide, and will continue to grow even stronger, these new extensions are having some impact.

Although inquires for potential sales have continued to be strong, it is the pricing that suffers for Investors when there are too many choices.

we were in the midst of of a phenomenal boom fueled by exuberant buyers based in China, however as the year wore on aftermarket prices came back to earth and settled in closer to historical norms.

Meanwhile, the new g TLDs put another year under their young belts but the jury remains out on their long term prospects.

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First time buyers do not have to rely on a or dot anything if they can choose from hundreds and hundreds of new extensions for the cost of a registration fee.

However, there seems to be a strong upward trend with the new g TLDs, but how long it will last cannot be predicted. How much is invested speculation by Domainers and how much is real demand by End-users? " "The lack of promotion by ICANN could slow down the growth of these new extensions.