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As a gay person raised Muslim, I was thrilled to read of this news (and was inspired by Choudhury’s bravery).

In Islamic teachings, I was taught from a young age to constantly chart all my sins, and was forced to imagine myself in the pits of hell for all my transgressions.

Whilst I saw Christians at Pride celebrating both their faith and sexuality at the parade, I also witnessed a Christian group protesting same-sex relationships behind them.

Homosexuality has hardly been a walk in the park for Catholics, and same-sex marriage is still illegal in Northern Ireland (the DUP-coalition suggests the Tories don’t much seem to care).

Muslim social conduct would stop most of them from coming.

When my parents discovered I was gay – through pornography no less – they were distraught, our relationship fell apart, and they did everything they could to "stop it." This included throwing away all my colourful clothes, which I was emotionally very attached to.

When one learns that The Muslim Council of Britain opposed same-sex marriage in 2013, we understand how these views are generated.

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Homosexuality is criminalised in many Muslim nations, and they are home to some devastating LGBTQI hate crimes.

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They tell me that Islam can be explored through a variety of perspectives, explaining that “Islamic history in Arab regions shows clearly that Muslims were among the most progressive people in terms of gender justice, racial equality, class politics and law.

Muslim women were among the first in the world to vote, own property, run businesses, have the right to divorce.” It is this facet of Islam that Umber has an alliance with, and as such, being Muslim is a progressive part of their character.

And this connection sits separate to the "Muslim" communities that I'm no longer accepted in.

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