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21-Mar-2019 14:35

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Some people think of me as gay or bisexual, and I’m not at all. There are so many amazing things about our connection, I love the chemistry in our relationship.

Never in my life have I felt closer to another person.

She was very clear about her situation from the beginning, and I was very open to a friendship, until I started to form some very real feelings for her.

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Being adopted has made me a lot more accepting of people’s differences.Everyone has their own past and everyone has their own demons. I wish more people understood that transgender men and women are people.Transgender people know exactly who they are, and nobody should be able to say anything different. I used to party all the time, and was very disconnected from my family; being in this relationship has helped me see there are people out there who’ve had it a lot harder than I ever did. Today I have a good job, stability, and a love I never thought possible, although I do feel people identify with me differently now.I love that she’s so feminine; I love her voice, her appearance, the way she carries herself, and the person she is.

If you feel a connection with someone, you shouldn’t second-guess it simply because they’re different. If I’d chosen to look the other way, I never would have met Ty, and I never would have known just how much of a difference one person could make in my life.Even when we were just friends on social media, I fell in love with Ty’s personality.

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