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20-May-2019 08:00

Pictured is a poster outside an Athens bank depicts German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble as a Nazi Among the measures demanded that would directly affect citizens are lifting a ban on Sunday trading for shops, opening up ownership of pharmacies and opening up closed professions such as ferry transport.'I think the terms agreed for the bailout are going to make life very hard for all of us.But I agree with the idea of Sunday openings, it's a measure that will allow those who work all week to have more time to buy our products, which can only help the economy,' said Melina Petropoulou, 41, the manager of a women's clothes shop.Greece's liabilities are equivalent to around 180% of its GDP - and few economists believe that is sustainable.The currency's reputation has undoubtedly suffered due to the crisis, with the weaknesses in its structure and rules cruelly exposed.But Grexit could have posed an existential threat to the project, and it was crucial for the other member states - most notably Germany - to show the political will hold things together.The UK is outside the eurozone, and is not liable for any losses by the ECB.

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Of course they will have their flaws, but who doesn’t? Somehow your Grand Big’s boyfriend’s Little and your boyfriend’s Little’s girlfriend know all about your relationship problems. This could be a con because now you’ve really got to work to balance your social life and your school work, but we’re going to go for the positive here and revel in what feels like everlasting popularity and a Greek power couple.

The hard left Athens leader - who was elected on an anti-austerity platform - faced an immediate backlash over the deal, with many Greeks furious at Tsipras' reluctantly accepting even tougher reforms than those categorically rejected by citizens at last week's bailout referendum.

Some have already taken to social media using #thisisacoup to decry the terms of the deal, with many attacking the creditors terms as unfair.

Having been elected on an anti-austerity platform, Mr Tsipras went as far as holding a referendum to reject one supposedly 'final' offer from the currency group and other creditors relating to the final tranche of a previous bailout.

But his tactics may have backfired, as with the Greek financial system perhaps just hours from collapse, the premier has been forced to accept a package that many regard as even harsher in return for a fresh loan. The Greek parliament could yet refuse to pass tax rises and tough reforms to pensions, labour markets and nationalised industries, by the deadline of Wednesday.Anger: Greeks have reacted to the news of today's bailout deal with fury, saying the tough reforms agreed to by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras condemned the country to 'misery, humiliation and slavery''The Germans could not do it with tanks so now they try it with banks Trying to STEAL Greek assets Br ITS MUST vote to get out,' opined a tweet from Britain by @Allan Skerratt, who said he was a non-partisan retired soldier and ex-teacher.