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02-Apr-2019 23:23

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I am sure you get tons of requests and I thought I would be lucky to get a reply within one of those short scenarios at max.By the time the blog was posted and I was returning home, my initial panic started to dissipate as I found out more about Sylvia’s situation.

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Given the outrage of much of the internet over the letter, I didn’t expect to receive an update, and I’m grateful that he sent one in. I admit I wrote my original email in a state of panic.

I will be shortly moving back home for several months to work as a substitute teacher, with an agency. We could have tried to sort this out between us first, no need to go to the top immediately.

The measures included things like we are never to talk to each other without a third person present, all meetings documented, no discussion about her and the management with my colleagues, not even in watercooler chat, limit our interactions beyond the school, meaning no socialising for me. It would be very much out of character for me and my colleagues and friends would get suspicious.

Just in time to discover the story going viral, both online and offline.

I can say that in no way I expected that writing to a very popular but a niche professional blog would result in such Internet s*t storm.

At the same time, they considered it was necessary – as they framed it – to put some measures in place to avoid possible problems in the future.