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03-May-2019 08:53

Today we continue our series Avoid These 8 Major Pitfalls to Succeed In Your Business to discuss the harsh reality of employee time theft.

It’s a problem that costs American businesses up to 0 billion a year in lost productivity.

In addition, it’s estimated that employees steal 4.5 hours a week..

Employee time theft can be prevented and it’s simple to do. We recognize, however, that not all employees have smartphones, so you need a solution for the 33% who need to clock in by a phone call.The best practice in this case is for your employees to use a landline phone at your job site.With a high degree of professionalism, turning work around quickly and developing a good relationship with customers and suppliers, we put your business first.

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We can do anything from tidying up a “messy box” of receipts to doing your annual accounts, payroll and tax returns and could even work with you on your cash flow planning or reporting needs.Centrally located in the Nelson Chamber of Commerce Building, accountsdept.

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