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The wedding was rocky too, with hungover bridesmaids, groomsmen jokingly objecting mid-ceremony and the pastor mispronouncing the A-lister's name.

She admits these were some of the many 'red flags' that occurred during their 2001 nuptials, and claims it was a clue they were headed for a 'crash and burn' marriage.

I'm a long way away from ever getting evicted again, but man, I think about that so much. " It's like, I've been through all this other shit before. I dreamed of being an NFL player, All-Pro, making money, buying my parents a house, the whole thing, like he has done. Pulled out my wallet, and yeah, I had a five, a one, and some change. And one of the things that he told me was: "Keep your fucking mouth shut when you come in.

That's where my "we've got to make sure this happens" and "let's go" type of energy comes from. I never quite understood why if you're successful in something, and then you want to make the transition to Hollywood, why wouldn't you apply the same discipline and processes that you did with wrestling and football? And that allows more people to say, "Okay, let's give it a shot." Compared to: I think I'm gonna be great. I remember thinking, Fuck, all I have is seven bucks. Warren Sapp had just signed for millions of dollars in the draft. My writer and I would challenge ourselves every night: What is the most insane, entertaining, fucked-up, crazy shit we can say tonight in an entertaining way? " When I was a kid, it was an inside term that guys would use. So I started saying it publicly, but the Iron Sheik was known for it. If you're gonna be good in this business, then learn how to keep your mouth shut and your ears open, and when you get in the locker room, you just listen to everybody else." And it was great advice. These young bucks come in and think they know everything when they really don't know shit. I've lived with my longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, going on, like, eight, nine years now. We spend a lot of time with my daughter in Florida, Simone, who's 13.

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" In the '60s and '70s and early '80s, the trainers would grind you and eventually they would break something—they would break an ankle in ways that it would heal. I don't get that connection in movies, but the impact is so much greater. In wrestling, there's a shelf life, and some wrestlers don't pay attention to the shelf life.

She wrote: 'Dulé thought this marriage was a terrible mistake, so as he read from 1 Corinthians, he kept sighing dramatically, pausing to look at me like "Are you getting this?

"'When the minister asked if anyone objected to their union, Gabrielle was certain she was being left at the altar as Chris stepped down towards his groomsmen.

She wrote: 'I spent the whole day at the spa and when I got back to his house, there was a rose petal path from the front door to the bedroom. He had a bucket of KFC on the floor, and he was eating KFC potato wedges with one hand while holding a ring in the other.' Gabrielle also dished it was less than 24 hours after the somewhat romantic proposal when she discovered a message on Chris' computer that hinted at an affair.

Still, she took her fiancé back and the two were married during Jazz Fest in New Orleans, meaning that most of her bridesmaids were hungover when they showed up to the ceremony.The couple split in 2005 and the financial blow inspired Gabrielle to make sure she had a prenup for her marriage to Dwayne Wade, a Chicago Bulls shooting guard, in 2014.