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If anyone can dominate a film it would be Assante, fortunately for those whom he works with, from supporting cast to his directors, he also knows when to play the role he is given and not over reach, disrupt and otherwise savage the equilibrium of effects that a director may foolishly think they get to control!So, don't panic, its not Assante on the screen, its some stressed Marine commander who is stuck in the middle of nowhere Romania with a combustible dilemma and a town full of people who know more about being 'American' than 'we' do.Jamie Elman (AMERICAN DREAMS) and Ion Sapdaru (4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS & TWO DAYS) co-star in the first and only film by award-winning 27-year-old Romanian writer/director Cristian Nemescu, tragically killed in a car crash shortly after completing one of the most internationally acclaimed socio-political satires of our time.The Amazon reviewers for this film have made so many valuable observations that I will only add a few brief ones of my own: first, its a film that wants to be everything, dramatic and poignant, deliriously absurd and satirical, politically astute, a tender "love story" and a tutorial on the bloated nightmare that are socialist bureaucracies.He did fine.(As an example, one of my favorite roles for Assante is that of Bobby Tex in Q & A, he literally just steals that whole film, every last scene he is in!The give and take between him and the Luis Guzman - who is marvelous as Det.But when a corrupt stationmaster halts their train, the soldiers find themselves the unexpected guests of an impoverished village filled with stubborn bureaucracy, beguiling young women and odd pop culture celebrations.In a time of war, what hopes, dreams and resentments does the arrival of America truly bring to the world outside?

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) and quite touching whenever the young men and women were shown caught in the cultural crossfire of what they need and what they think they want.I like this movie even better than other successful Romanian movies, such as "4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days" (which was voted the #1 movie of 2007 by Sight and Sound - considered by many the greatest authority on moviemaking), "The Death of Mr. I would definitely recommend this film to true naturists. Just days ago, radio news anchor Leeann Tweeden claimed that Franken forcibly kissed her and groped her breasts as she slept in 2006 during a USO tour.I think it takes a consummate professional to know when they will have to carry the entire movie almost single handedly (ie.

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Gotti, Mambo Kings, Looking for an Echo, etc) and when they are part of a director's vision, a tapestry if you will, of many characters and voices.NAKED IN FLORIDA part one (also produced by HERITAGE films) is more superior in that it shows people living the lifestyle and its benefits more than just recreational purposes!

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