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Today it is most prominently used in Mexico, South China and in the U. There are many names for Jicama including: the Mexican potato, Mexican yam bean, ahipa, saa got, Chinese turnip, lo bok, and the Chinese potato.(In Ecuador and Peru the name “jicama” is used for the unrelated Yacón or Peruvian ground apple, a plant of the Sunflower family whose tubers are also used as food).Jicama is a fleshy underground tuber and looks similar to a turnip or a large radish, with a taste and texture similar to a water chestnut.Jicama is available year-round, but is at its peak from October through May.When purchasing, select tubers that are firm and have dry roots.The plant prefers full sun and moderate rainfall, and it is subject to frost damage, making it a poor choice for northern climates.In addition, jicama produces a natural insecticide in the above ground vine, meaning that the plant protects itself from harmful pests.Make sure that they have an unblemished skin and they are not bruised.


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It has been cultivated in South America for centuries, and the vegetable is quite popular in Mexican cuisine.Raw jicama taste is described as crisp, sweet and nutty, similar to a pear or an apple, or a cross between an apple and a potato.

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