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25-Mar-2019 00:29

She achieved international fame after landing the role of Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.One of the highest-paid actresses of Hollywood, Knightley has won an Empire Award, and has garnered multiple nominations for the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.Knowing moviegoers might have company in hoping she might return I followed up with, “If Johnny Depp called up and says, ‘Come on, please just make a cameo?'” Knightley smiles again and without flinching replies. I said when the second one came out that there wasn”t going to be another one for me.

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In 2014, she was nominated for a Golden Globe, a SAG, a BAFTA Award, and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the historical drama The Imitation Game.The film's director Nick Hamm described her as "a young version of Julie Christie".