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17-Apr-2019 07:59

Once he met a divorced 38-year-old who had a son his age.

After chatting online for a week, he convinced her to meet with him. For Charbel, once a liaison is established online, things move just as quickly.

“I have a gay friend whose mother told him she doesn’t mind if he’s gay, but that he should go out with an Orthodox,” Makarem says.

There are a million great things about dating a Lebanese guy-- but like in any relationship, there's also some baggage.

While other (more conservative) Lebanese women take their virginity so seriously that they don’t even wear tampons. If you are an Eastern European woman living in Lebanon (and not working in a supernight club) you will automatically be labeled a prostitute no matter how many degrees you have, languages you speak, or high powered positions you’ve held. For most Lebanese men, looks still comes ahead of intelligence, character, and moral values.

And for most Lebanese women, money comes ahead of looks, intelligence, character, and moral values. Many Lebanese women are known to look, dress, and act provocatively, yet when it comes down to it, will hardly ever follow through with “it.” Especially with a man she is considering marrying.

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In Lebanon, Facebook has been popular for years and is possibly the most common online medium Lebanese youth use for dating.

After Nadine met her current boyfriend on a dating website and chatted for four months, she invited him to her birthday party, thinking he would not show up. Even older, married people can use the internet without stigma.

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