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10-Jun-2019 14:26

If you’d like to give Giles some feedback on his piece, you can find him on Twitter here .If you’re a dad, it would be particularly helpful if you would step it up and let him know that this is completely unacceptable, and let the world know that whatever the hell he’s doing, it’s not fatherhood.A caption identifies them as “college students.” Also behind her, on the right, are three wealthy-looking white men in suits – one of them is President Trump – who also look angry and are yelling things we don’t hear. Behind the desk, there are two windows; outside, it is dark and pouring rain, and the trees lean in the wind. Panel 4 A far shot of a car driving uphill through the storm. GLASSES: Get upland get upland get upland get upland get upland… Panel 6 Glasses dude sits on the grass, next to Arf Rand, who is taking a snooze.A caption identifies them as “governors, senators, president.” WOMAN: Both sides have scary radicals! If you enjoy these comics, and you can spare it, please support them on Patreon. Transcript of cartoon Panel 1 A white man wearing a collared shirt and glasses, sitting at a desk. A caption tell us what he’s typing: CAPTION: “Global warming” is FAKE NEWS! Panel 5 High on a mountain, Glasses Dude has set up a tent. Glasses dude is typing on his cell phone; a caption shows us what he’s typing.This is just another way that people who want to be bigots try to justify their bigotry, and using people who are starving to do it is particularly despicable. He is saying that, given a chance, he would kill all fat people, then burn us.It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s a call for genocide.

Please consider signing and sharing the petition to get this piece, and Giles’ column, pulled from Esquire UK.His most recent piece is titled: “I Don’t Care What My Son Becomes…

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