Matriarchal dating

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Thankfully a translator by the name of Mohammed was on hand to interpret her wisdom for the rest of us.Mohammed is a part-time professor of English and, it turns out, a dab hand at chopping coriander as well.A variety of courses are on offer for both amateurs and professionals, and guests are tutored in the preparation of traditional Moroccan dishes either on their own or in groups of up to eight people.Our mentor was a short, stout, local woman called Aziza.Real pain–but not permanent injury–keeps the participants coming back for more.Real pleasure–genuine cunnilingus, enjoyed asa long as it pleases Her to command, and stimulated with a riding crop if the lazy slave slows down–is certainly to be desired by all concerned.The vibrant fusion of bright yellow saffron, lush green parsley, juicy red tomatoes, terracotta earthenware and cooking vessels painted in every shade of azure and aquamarine make any Moroccan dish a feast for the eyes before you have even tasted a mouthful.But despite its visual complexity, Moroccan food is also surprisingly easy to cook.

Few people in the western world are likely to keep a tagine pot alongside their pressure cooker and Tupperware, but you could easily prepare this dish in a conventional pot, or even a saucepan, as long as it has a lid.

Aziza and the boldest of my fellow students picked up the bits of bird on the bone and coated them in the sauce that we had just prepared. I think Mohammed must have spotted the desperation on my face, as he kindly stepped in and suggested that I use two spoons to manoeuvre the chicken, thus avoiding any contact with my hands.

This proved to be easier said than done, but after a few mishaps on the counter, the chicken was marinated, my hands were meat-free and my tagine was in its special cone-lidded pot and ready for cooking.

And it won’t hurt anyone, certainly not a proper masochist in real slavespace who wants nothing more than to give his Mistress pleasure and enjoy the delights of submitting, serving and suffering for Her in the process.

There are few countries in the world with a cuisine as colourful as Morocco’s.That’s one reason I advocate third-party references and neutral pronouns.