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10-Apr-2019 09:07

A lot of ideas have been put forward about body image and how it might render a woman vulnerable to being fear or shame or other negative emotions around sexual arousal.A number of writers agree that fear of body penetration and of losing body boundaries causes sexual dysfunctions of one kind or another.The first and primary core of self is the matrix of sensations linked with “my body.” Further, the process of psychosexual development involves a series of stages during which energy is successively invested in different sectors of the body (oral, anal, genital) that correspondingly vary in their importance in the body scheme and their influence in coloring interpretations of the world.Body image contributes substantially to relationship success, and in particular the ability of a woman to date successfully and enjoy sex to the full.That would also affect her ability to achieve orgasm.Quite how these issues play out for a man wishing to make a woman come is not clear.

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It also has a significant relationship to her capacity to achieve orgasm (and so by implication to a man’s ability to make a woman come).