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21-Jul-2019 08:23

This gave me a chance to study one of the booties more closely, as I must to understand them and how I was to stand and move in them, as I would inevitably be forced.

One held my right leg up and the other eased my toes into the first bootie.

As I read her message, my mouth fell open, and I felt a weird sensation in the pit of my stomach. The more I had read it the more strangely exciting I had found it. Jackie knew she had won as soon as she saw how I was, or perhaps one should say was not, dressed. Jackie motioned for me to sit between the two girls (they were no more than eighteen I'd swear). Jackie went to buy all of us a drink and left me being ravished, hidden by the table and the alcove location. It was now the girl on my left who leant over and hissed in my ear: You dirty bitch. Another shower and then my hair and some light make-up. Despite my brain, or even because of it, I was all giddy girl once more. With her was a bevy of pretty girls carrying equipment including lights and cameras. The two girls that had stroked me made straight for me, held one hand each and told me I looked absolutely delicious. I blushed like a girl winning her first ever compliment.

On and on and on and on and on and on and on it went stroke after gentle insistent stroke up and down my soft girl's thigh flesh. Obviously I must experience my ravishing in full with all my senses alert. After twenty whole minutes of this continuous rhythmic slow firm gentle stroking of my nude thighs, my legs were like jelly, and my eyes closing with sensational rapture. The stroking went on and on and on and on, ten, twenty, thirty minutes more: seemingly endlessly. Jackie covered for it with a laugh and made out it was the punch line to a joke. It was 1.00 pm, an hour early, when my doorbell rang. My taming as Jackie had termed it, was to be professionally filmed. Attempting to be the perfect hostess, I asked if everyone wanted coffee, but was totally ignored. What must I suffer for the 0,000 I so desperately needed? It was as if Jackie could read my thoughts: Oh for goodness sake, someone get her stripped! The two girls came to me and without a word, let alone the seeking of my consent, they unzipped my skirt and dropped it to my ankles, before pulling my vest over my head, and unbuckling my shoes.

Constantly self-conscious of her legs formed in permanent incredibly sexy and deeply sexual en-pointe pirouette, she would at all times have to balance herself against the slightest stagger.

The cameras zoomed close-up to examine my face and eyes as I was made to study the booties held before me by one of my young girl tormentors. How could I possible stand let alone walk in such monstrously weird and deeply sexy foot-ware?

Before I started buying it, she'd offered to loan me the money for my apartment, interest free. I would never before have let girls touch me as these girls were now. Again I tried to put my arms by my side and thereby stop them from touching me, but they each pushed my arms back onto the table even more insistently. I found myself now squeezing by thighs together, though not daring to cross my legs. In bed I fought and fought not to finger my girl-slit and clit. But there was more to me than an angel's face and deep dark brown eyes.