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18-Apr-2019 15:31

NLM have already been loaded on the server, and you will receive a message indicating these items are already loaded.

However, reloading these items after initializing CLIBAUX.

We beta tested Group Wise 6 for more than six months and used these snap-in modules to manage our Group Wise system.

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For the administrator, Group Wise 6 includes features such as a rock-solid back-end, better user management (such as disk quotas and caching mode), and enhanced backup and restore options.

Of course, you should take a few precautions when using multiple tools to manage your Group Wise system: Upgrading the software for a Group Wise 5.x domain to Group Wise 6 is as easy as installing the Group Wise 6 Message Transfer Agent (MTA) and overwriting the existing Group Wise 5.x MTA software.