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The camp setting allows girls to develop a strong sense of self, gain practical life skills, become resourceful problem solvers, and cultivate healthy relationships by living and working together.

Camp is a great place for girls to unlock their potential and discover the wonders of the outdoors and the adventures that await.

Top your week off by displaying your favorite piece of art or performing with your new friends at closing campfire.

(Grades 3-5) Fee: 0 Discover the world that comes to life after all the other campers have gone to bed.

You will also get to bring home a new teddy bear friend too!

(Grades K-5) Fee: Bring your favorite female role model to Camp Winona and come see what sleep-away camp is all about!

Learn to enhance your observation skills as you investigate the different plants, animals and natural surroundings of Camp Winona, collecting data and reporting it to scientists to help support their research and findings.

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By night, search for nocturnal creatures, throw a dance party, make your own glow water, and learn the mysteries of the stars.Let nature, wildlife and the night sky inspire you to make one-of-a-kind crafts that you are sure to treasure.(Grades 3-4) Fee: 5 Do you love both science and the outdoors? You will spend your week exploring different ecosystems of Camp Winona from forest trees to Fossil Creek.Sing songs, try canoeing, enjoy nature hikes, do cool arts & crafts projects, play fun games, and roast marshmallows over a campfire with your new camp friends!

(Grades 3-4) Fee: 5 Are you into music, arts, singing, acting, or dancing? Try your hand at pottery, write your own song or play, perform in a skit, learn a group dance, and even paint with arrows at archery.

All sleep-away camp programs include campfires, cookouts, swimming daily (except Camp Coles Trip), hiking, nature activities, arts and crafts, archery (2 (Grades K-5) Fee: Bring your favorite female role model to Camp Winona and come see what sleep-away camp is all about!

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