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First Twitter was blocked, followed by Facebook and then by January 27, the Egyptian government ordered all service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet, causing a minimum cost of million.

Language Egyptians speak the Arabic language, and mostly using the Egyptian Dialect.

Although it may be lucrative to purchase a domain name ending with one of the more popular cc TLDs, it is important to note that such a domain would require either a local presence or for the domain name to be hosted on Egyptian DNS servers. Second Level Domains eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg .The 10 most popular websites in Egypt do include a couple of Egyptian based ones; however, most of them are the typically internationally popular ones.

The next section will highlight the most popular websites in Egypt among those specific to the Middle East region.

The country’s economy depends mostly on oil and gas, followed by tourism.

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With over 87.5 million people, the opportunities in this country are endless and society offers a wide array of target audience and user groups.The largest share of imports comes in from China and the US, followed by Germany Russia and Ukraine.The recent Egyptian revolution has taken a toll on the Egyptian economy, but has given birth to new opportunities in its online market as well.Most importantly, Egypt is the media hub of the Arab world, so reaching that market successfully will allow for an easy and smooth expansion into the rest of the MENA region.

It is necessary to have some background knowledge on Egypt before launching an online marketing campaign there.

Most Egyptian websites use the Modern Standard form of Arabic so they can be read and understood by all Arabic speakers worldwide.