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left the People's Republic of Poland for the nascent State of Israel and North or South America.

Their departure was hastened by the destruction of Jewish institutions, post-war violence and the hostility of the Communist Party to both religion and private enterprise, but also because in 1946–1947 Poland was the only Eastern Bloc country to allow free Jewish aliyah to Israel, "anti-Zionist" campaign.

Although the Holocaust occurred largely in German-occupied Poland, there was little collaboration with the Nazis by its citizens.

Collaboration by individual Poles has been described as smaller than in other occupied countries.

This ended with the Partitions of Poland which began in 1772, in particular, with the discrimination and persecution of Jews in the Russian Empire.

Jews came to form the backbone of the Polish economy.

Mieszko III employed Jews in his mint as engravers and technical supervisors, and the coins minted during that period even bear Hebraic markings.

During World War II there was a nearly complete genocidal destruction of the Polish Jewish community by Nazi Germany and its collaborators, during the 1939–1945 German occupation of Poland and the ensuing Holocaust.

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Since the fall of Communism in Poland, there has been a Jewish revival, characterized by the annual Jewish Culture Festival, new study programmes at Polish high schools and universities, the work of synagogues such as the Nożyk and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.According to some sources, about three-quarters of the world's Jews lived in Poland by the middle of the 16th century.

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